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A Minimally Invasive Alternative to major back surgery could help you get rid of your back pain once and for all

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What is the My Spine Procedure?

It is a same-day, minimally invasive surgery that uses a cutting-edge lower back implant called The Wellex. Developed and made in Switzerland, it completely changes the back surgery experience and its long-term expectations, promising to get you back to your active, pain-free lifestyle in days, not months.

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5 reasons

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My Spine Treatment Center

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1. Simply Safer.
Avoid major back surgery with this minimally invasive solution.

2. Quicker Recovery.
Get back to your life in weeks, not months.

3. Motion Preservation.
Take away the pain without taking away mobility.

4. Fully Reversible.
Designed to last a lifetime, yet easily reversible.

5. Affordable.
Significantly less expensive, innovative solution at a lower price.

The road to recovery
My Spine Center, your alternative before a permanent solution.

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