Degenerative Facet Syndrome

When the joints that keep your vertebra together wear out, Degenerative facet syndrome occurs. This may cause movement limitation and flexibility problems.

It is presented as a result of the aging process, as with other degenerative conditions. The progression causes wear of the cartilage causing local inflammation and pain. Degeneration may be present at any level, being most common in the neck and lower back due to weight and movement.

facet joins - Degenerative Facet Syndrome

Pain could potentially become debilitating, making everyday chores difficult or hard to bare. Other causes may contribute to facet joint syndrome such as Trauma, fractures or sports injuries that cause inflammation of the facet joints.

Facet Syndrome


  • Pain upon touching the lower back and radiating symptoms to buttocks and thigh
  • Morning stiffness that may reduce throughout the day
  • Movement limitations


It is important to determine if Degenerative facet syndrome is the cause of your symptoms by evaluating an imaging study, such as an MRI. Once the diagnosis is made, there are several treatment options for facet degeneration syndrome that include conservative measures. This refers to a non-surgical treatment controlling pain with medication such as the use of oral medication and in some cases joint injections.

If you have pain related to facet degeneration and are currently taking oral medications with no improvement, you may be a candidate for minimally invasive stabilization.

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