Improving previous surgeries

Fusion is considered the final and permanent treatment to a lower back condition, whether it is a discectomy, a complete laminectomy or a migrating disc. Fusion provides support to the affected sites, fixating the movement of the spine reducing the weight at the affected lumbar levels and relieving the pain.

Screw Rod - Fusion Surgery
Wellex + Fusion

However, with time, changes in the mechanics of the spine may produce stress in the upper or lower levels. Remember that the natural state of the spine includes movement, and by undergoing lumbar fusion you are turning the spine into a rigid structure that may eventually cause pain. This could be caused by 2 reasons. The first is due to muscles and soft tissue that could ache due to lost in mobility. And secondly, there is new stress being directed to the upper levels of the previous surgery that will cause changes that produce degeneration or bulging of the disc, narrowing of the canal or facet joint pain in previously spared vertebras causing new symptoms and pain. In these circumstances, the Wellex implant may produce relief in pain by absorbing some of the weight and stress, while also preserving some range of movement.

By Adding the upper support of the Wellex, you may gain functionality and time while reducing your pain and prolonging the need for yet another invasive procedure that may take up to 4-6 months to recover.

Am I a candidate?

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