The My Spine Center Procedure

Minimally Invasive Stabilization

What's it all about?

A key component of the My Spine Center Procedure is the Wellex Implant. It is a revolutionary lower back implant developed and made in Switzerland. It completely changes the back surgery experience and long term expectations with it’s same-day, minimally-invasive surgery and cutting-edge implant that promises to get you back to your active, pain-free lifestyle in days, not months.

A compressed Wellex implant is inserted with a small incision in the back between two vertebrae by a board certified surgeon. Once inserted, the implant will extend and therefore increase the separation between the two vertebras, relieving the pressure on the nerves of the spinal cord. The additional space created between the vertebrae will significantly reduce the amount of pain you experience.

Unlike other implants, the Wellex Implant is dynamic, meaning it moves with the body and adds sup-port to the spine’s natural movements and, although designed to last lifetime, the implant can be removed without causing any lasting damage to the spine and can be replaced with future technology.

Can the My Spine Center Procedure help me even if I already had surgery?

If you have already undergone spinal fusion surgery or discectomies, The My Spine Center Procedure can add support to the adjacent untreated levels of the spine, helping prolong the benefits of the previous surgery.

This is a great option for patients who are feeling discomfort after either fusion or discectomy surgery. The My Spine Center Procedure can also be performed concurrently with spinal fusion surgery to improve its benefits.

What can I expect from the procedure?

By relieving compression and regaining distance between the bones of the spine, you could experience:

  • Immediate reduction of pain
  • Fast recovery. Get back to your desk job in a week and back to your active lifestyle in as little as three to four weeks. (For heavy labor, the recovery period can take up to four months.)
  • Increased functionality through movement preservation.

Am I a candidate?

Let us contact you to let you know if you are a candidate for this procedure.