Travel And Transportation

Tijuana is a city that cures body and soul. Every year the city receives a million visitors who seek medical treatment in Tijuana’s state of the art clinics. This way, patients receive high-quality healthcare for a more affordable price, and afterward, they can enjoy a relaxing stay, visiting Tijuana’s cultural highlights and sampling its delicious cuisine.

We provide the highest level of personal attention to make your experience both convenient and pleasant. If you are from Southern California you can drive to San Diego where we will supply luxury, personalized, private transportation, with a kind and fully bilingual driver, locally or to/from San Diego. However, for a small fee, our drivers can pick you up directly from home anywhere in Southern California and make the experience completely hassle-free. We are located 20 minutes from downtown San Diego and 5 minutes from the international border. If you are flying in we recommend you arrive in San Diego the day before your surgery or appointment and use the remainder of the day to enjoy San Diego and spend the night at the local hotel of your choice. Early on the morning of your appointment, our private transportation service will pick you up directly at the hotel. Our patient coordinators can help sort out the details for your particular needs.


We are affiliated with hotel Lucerna, which has all the necessary facilities and installations to accommodate a patient with recent surgery. Our concierge will make sure that you have a comfortable stay and, if you wish, will also recommend a few places that you would be wise not to miss during your stay in Tijuana.

Passport and Customs

Tijuana is the world’s busiest border crossing with over 70,000 cars crossing every day. Tens of thousands of people commute daily between both countries. Therefore the border crossing is a safe, mundane thing done daily by thousands of commuters, tourists, and patients. Officials from both sides of the border recognize the importance of this border and have therefore implemented many policies, such as the new medical line that expedites return access. to make the crossing as quick and simple as possible.

Foreigners visiting Mexico with touristic, transit or business purposes, for a period less than 180 days, won’t need a Mexican visa if they are holders of a valid visa or any document accrediting permanent residency in Canada from Canada, the United States of America, Japan, UK or any other country pertaining to the Schengen Space.